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Being well will change your life


Too many people are sick and suffering from poor health, poor diet, and unhealthy lifestyle choices. It doesn’t have to be that way and I want to make it my life’s goal to pass on simple basic knowledge to people and guide them towards a healthier mind and body.


I believe that changing yourself is the only thing you can control for certain, and that being well will change your life. 


My purpose is to facilitate change so people can experience true wellness and feel good everyday – in body, mind and spirit.


Adaptability is a key sign of health. In today’s world, we need to be adaptable given our pace of life and the stress our mind and body endures.


We create our own reality, and our state of wellbeing is our own responsibility.




Learning more to support others better


My main goal is to keep learning from great teachers and different practices in order to develop a better understanding of the human body and mind, and use this to help, support and educate others on their journey to health.


There is no greater gift to me than to have a positive impact on someone’s health whether it be through a yoga class, a shiatsu massage, or a simple conversation and exchange of information and ideas.


My goal is about guiding you through your own unique journey to a healthier you, which will inevitably result in you feeling better than ever before. 

DO you want to feel good?

Discover what wellness feels like

“The important thing is this: to be able, at any moment, to sacrifice what we are for what we could become”  ~ Maharishi Mahesh Yogi


Alex Fortina

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Yoga therapy teacher

Shiatsu Therapist

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I am a 30-year old Frenchman and now Australian. Having gone through a long time of traditional university studies and complicated visa processes in Australia since I was 18, I became a permanent resident in this country 5 years ago and have since then started to follow my path and calling which is to help others in their journey towards health.


I was a regular yoga practitioner for about 2 years when I came across a very unusual style of yoga, taught by an unconventional teacher, in a quirky yoga studio that you would never find except from word of mouth. This yoga was Japanese yoga, also called Zen yoga or Yoga Therapy. Being very strong and quite flexible already at the time, I was fascinated by how smart my teacher was with his classes and how he could change your body, mind and spirit within one class. He was able to pick up on a neck pain I had for years during the first class I did with him after a sit-up exercise I was miserably failing at.

I was hooked.


After a few months of attending his classes twice a week, I was told by one of his students at the time that I HAD to try a shiatsu with him no matter what, and that it would change me forever (even though I had gotten rid of the neck pain thanks to the yoga and had no physical problems).


I therefore proceeded to book a shiatsu with him and got blown away. This unique feeling of harmony, Zen, balance and connection I experienced that day was like none I had encountered before. During the shiatsu treatment, 2 of his students who were assisting him had a chat with me afterwards and told me he was starting a new course soon, probably his last one ever. The only hiccup was: the training was 2 years long.


This was a big commitment and a lot of money at the time for me. Not much time to think about it, I decided to go for it and it was definitely a pivotal moment in my life.


A year and a half later, doing yoga twice a day almost everyday, learning both shiatsu therapy and yoga therapy hand in hand, I started teaching and treating my own clients and students. I will forever be a student and will never feel like I have mastered these two practices, which keeps me humble and forces me to have a beginner’s mindset. Every student is a teacher to me, and every patient is a new lesson.


After 3 years of practicing with my first teacher I felt like my body needed more, something stronger, something new, that would challenge me like he challenged me when I first discovered him. This is when I decided to go meet an incredible teacher in NYC called Rose Erin, who I had been following from afar on social media due mainly to the fact that she had a very similar approach to my teacher. He had gone to different masters in japan during his 20s to learn about Shiatsu, Japanese Yoga, and macrobiotics (how to heal with wholefoods). And he then put those three practices together in order to form a therapy system that is more wholesome and more impactful on someone’s health that any of those applied on its own. And Rose from NYC did something similar where she initially learnt from different yoga teachers (one of which was Darma Mittra) before deciding to go study acupuncture and Chinese medicine. She then merged those 2 practices and applies the knowledge of the meridians into her yoga classes.


I went to a few classes whilst travelling in NYC and fell in love with her style, philosophy, approach and passion for her practice. I decided to go to Milan a few months later to attend one of her yoga intensive training for a week. It was intense, both physically, spiritually and intellectually because Erin is a fountain of knowledge and she will give you all the information she’s got.

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