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FIRE ELEMENT – Part 4 • Triple Heater

The Triple Heater (TH) is a Yang meridian that controls the peripheral circulation (near the surface of the body) and body fluids. The skin, serous membranes, and mucous membranes are positioned on this meridian.

The Triple Heater is divided into upper/middle/lower levels:

  1. Upper: responsible for membranes from chest to the brain.

  2. Middle: From navel to greater omentum.

  3. Lower: Lower abdominal, intestinal membranes and membranes of the womb.

When you get a fright, the first thing to respond is normally the TH, followed by different organs depending on the situation and the individual.

Some people can have a hyperactive Triple Heater, but the majority of our society has an under active Triple Heater. A few classic symptoms that are developed by a person with an under active Triple Heater are: OCD kind of person, over concerned with lots of stuff, clumsy (poor awareness of direct environment), no adaptability, agoraphobic, feeling hot or cold all the time, feeling isolated, etc.


The Triple Heater is an extension of the Small Intestine function and creates an interface between the internal and external. There is a clear fluid underneath the skin that does not pump (there is no circulatory system associated with it) but it still flows through the body if we move, and it is called lymph. So if you move, the Triple Heater moves, and the lymph moves. Therefore, a person with a weak Triple Heater should simply learn how to move. E.g. walk or jog in the morning; gentle exercise such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong, or stretching.

We previously saw that the Heart Constrictor governs our veins and arteries. And on the other hand, our Triple Heater governs the capillaries that disappear into the skin. The biggest difference is that the veins and the arteries pump themselves, whereas the capillaries and lymphatic don’t move. The way you get them to move and function is by running/jogging, taking cold shower (or swim in the ocean), walking, or rubbing the skin surface vigorously, which wakes up the lymph nodes and allows them to discharge their toxins.

The TH connects to the skin and therefore relates to the skin and capillaries’ health.


What food for the Triple Heater?

Saturated fat is very damaging and disturbs our Triple Heater, because it blocks its sensitivity (clogging the pores of the skin).

Every food that helps the Heart and more generally every Fire/summer foods are good for the Triple Heater (bitter foods).

The lymphatic system, peripheral areas of circulation best represent Triple Heater form. The lymphatic system has all these glands (in the neck, armpits, lumbar, pelvic, inguinal, etc.) around the body, and as soon as you have something (E.g. a virus) trying to attack you, they fight back. The glands create white blood cells, or antibodies that fight against bugs/bacteria, invading pathogen, and also bad energies. One of the reasons why the Triple Heater is called that way is because it guards us against excessive bad energy (i.e. too much heat).  We can compare it to a watchtower.

The Triple Heater allows nutrients and energy into the body and defends against undesirable qualities. If your Triple Heater is disturbed, it will affect your mobility, respiration and digestion, and create a defensive attitude. A disturbed and depleted Triple Heater leads our body to having no defences.

The Triple Heater overrides all the other organ functions as a defence mechanism. The Thymus is a Triple Heater function.

Masunaga: “the only reason why you develop Triple Heater problems is because you’ve been spoiled or overprotected as a child”.

There are 3 ways to regulate your body temperature:

  1. Respiration

  2. Metabolism

  3. Structure

The Triple Heater and Heart Constrictor regulates temperature, partly through respiration and circulation.

The Triple Heater meridian regulates body temperature and water passages within the three warmers. It helps us strengthen our defensive Qi for protection i.e. from cold environment. Its meridian has 23 pressure points. It starts from the ulnar side of the 4th finger, travels up through the centre of the dorsal side of the wrist, then up the middle of the forearm to the elbow bone, and continue ascending through the back of the triceps and the back of the deltoid. It then travels along the back of the shoulder just above the scapula, ascends to the back of the ear, wraps around the back of the ear to the front of the ear just above and it finishes at the end of the eyebrow.

Triple Heater meridian stretch

Sit cross-legged, Cross your hands over to the opposite knees, taking in a deep breath and bending forward. Make sure your elbows come down on the front side of your legs. Take some deep breaths, inhale and slowly come up to your starting position. Switch position of your arms as well as your legs.

Rose Erin executing a reverse bound half moon that targets the Triple Heater (or TW)

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