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Image by Christina Rumpf

Red beans & Pumpkin Stew

Red beans & pumpkin soup: News

A simple, hearty and healthy meal that will warm you up (perfect for the colder months). You can take this recipe and play around with it by switching the beans or the vegetables you use, and keep it interesting! For example substitute the beans for adzuki, chickpeas, or kidney beans. Bon appetit!

  • 400 g red beans

  • 2 celery sticks chopped

  • 1 brown onion chopped

  • 4 bay leaves

  • 2 sweet potatoes in small cubes 500g pumpkin (JAP is best!) in cubes Garnish: Extra virgin olive oil (drizzle)

  • Fresh parsley Salt & pepper

  • Optional: Slices of sourdough bread garlic & extra virgin olive oil




Pre-soak beans overnight, change water, then cook (simmer) for 30min with celery/onion/bay leaves. Add diced pumpkin and potatoes to pot and add water to cover up everything (the more water you add the more liquid the soup will be). Cook for another 20min covered. Take 1/3 of soup and blend it, then add it back (you can also blend the entire soup).
For bread: crush a garlic clove and mix it with 2 Tbsp. of olive oil. Use brush to spread on bread. Bake for 10min. serve with soup!

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