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Learn the art of Japanese yoga therapy

Traditional yoga with the ancient knowledge of the meridians and five elements theory

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Japanese Yoga is much more than just yoga, it’s a therapeutic system.


Also known as yoga therapy or meridian yoga therapy, Japanese Yoga is a very distinctive form of yoga that takes traditional hatha yoga and its’ asanas, and makes it more accessible to all. 


Whether you’re a first timer, regular student or the most highly experienced yogi, you will discover new perspectives and understand your body and health differently.


This form of yoga is considered medicinal, as it directly impacts the organs, the bones, the circulatory system, lymphatic system, the nervous system, and certain functions of the body in a way that no other practice does.


The main objectives in Japanese yoga is to relax the physical body (muscles, tendons, ligaments), strengthen the core, balance the nervous system, strengthen the immune system, work the organ’s energies to fix any imbalances that may be present in the body.


              Yoga asanas are not the therapy, but the goal is to be able to do the asanas.




Each move or exercise impacts a specific organ, stretches or contracts a particular meridian, or focuses on a very precise part of the body, with the goal of balancing the body and the mind.


When you practice Japanese yoga therapy with me, you will realise that not one class is the same as the other.  This is one of the powers of Yoga therapy: it’s THERAPY!


Join Alex to discover yoga therapy and connect to your body like you've never done before


Today, Japanese Yoga is making its presence felt, not just in Australia, but across the world.


More and more people are realising their need to come back to balance within themselves, their body and mind.  Japanese yoga is about being in tune with nature and oneself.  It works with the rhythms of the seasons, weather, time of day and climate. 


Therefore, each class is tailored to consider these factors in conjunction with the level and capacity of the students (for example morning classes are different to evening classes).


Many people wonder if this form of yoga is for them, yet everyone can benefit. 

Japanese Yoga can:

  • Help you deal with any ongoing issues such as body pain, sleep issues, anxiety/depression, digestive problems, weight loss etc.

  • Support you to take control of your health when other modalities have failed

  • Improve posture, create flexibility and build your strength from inside out

  • Enhance your existing exercise or yoga program, increase flexibility and muscle tone

  • Evolve yourself in a regimen that will help you strengthen your mind and body


Private classes

Having a private 1:1 yoga therapy session is even more powerful than a regular class, as you will get exercises specifically customised for YOU. 


By working on an individual level, we are able to achieve greater and faster results specific to your body, energy, goals, weaknesses, strengths or imbalances and healing needs than in a regular class setting.


Some areas of focus could include:

  • Work on particular area of the body, organ, physical issue.

  • Physical imbalance to bring the body and therefore the mind into alignment.

  • Decrease anxiety & stress

  • Improve your ability focus & meditate

  • Increase energy flow to certain organs and promote certain body functions

  • Improve blood circulation, lung function, digestion, sleep, elimination & absorption, hormonal balance, sexual functions, and overall energy levels.

  • Balance and regulate your autonomic nervous system.


My goal with students is to have them feel good after their yoga practice, but more importantly have them to understand WHY they feel good and keep that knowledge ingrained so they can use it anytime they need it.


In other words, I give you the tools to own your wellness - forever!


Private sessions:  $119 per hour

Corporate yoga

Are you looking for an activity that could bring your staff members closer together and promote team synergy? Would you like to provide your employees with a weekly practice that can benefit their health (both physical and mental) and ripple around their general energy levels at work and overall productivity?

Yoga therapy is for you!


Wellness, welll-being,  mental health, physical health and team bonding are some of the many benefits that yoga therapy classes can offer. With this type of yoga, we can target the classes for a specific purpose. E.g. lower back health, gut health, energising yoga, neck and shoulder tension release, mental health, nervous system reset, and more.

Every company has different goals for their employees. Some companies I worked with such as pre-school teachers need to strengthen their bodies in a certain way in order to prevent injuries and minimise potential incidents on the job site. 

I've also worked with professional A-league teams where the focus was more on recovery and injury prevention for athletes who overuse their bodies and are under large amount of stress.

I always customise my classes to the group I'm with, and the more I teach the same group the better I get to know who needs what. Which means I can also give advice to individuals (e.g, fix imbalance, get rid of stiffness/pains, work on old injuries, etc.).

 Most of the teams I've worked with have found an IMMEDIATE noticeable benefit to the class and have loved the classes. A lot of people have started a more regular personal practice outside of my classes because of that. Thus, I have clearly noticed that the ripple effect is phenomenal for the participants and for the companies.

Corporate sessions:  $199 per class

(prices negotiable for regular bookings and according to group size)

Join me online from the comfort of your own home and learn new tools to conquer your health. Each class has a focus and is customized to the students attending.


The practice of Japanese yoga therapy changes and I will make sure you can tackle every exercise we do in class so you get the maximum benefit out of each lesson.


No matter which theme of practice, all classes usually contain yoga therapy exercises to warm up, some more challenging poses/exercises in the second half of the class, some asanas and potentially some partner work towards the end (sit ups, partner massage).

Yoga’s goal is to bring the mind where the problem is and not where the symptom is!